Feedback on MyAppTemplates

User Feedback on MyAppTemplates

  • Chris, UK

    First of all i’d like to say your templates look great and are fit for purpose. You have saved me a lot of time here.

  • Divya, India

    I didn’t even know this solution existed. Great work!

  • Ruben, Hungary

    Our position in the app store shot up once we implemented your (SocialShare) template.

  • Chloe, UK

    Thanks for making these templates! You’ve helped a lot.

  • Danielle, Holland

    First i ran a 99 designs contest, but no useable designs came from it. I was actually surprised. But i was recommended your templates. And have to say i’m really satisfied with what you’ve made!

  • Keith, USA

    We are currently using your fitness app design, and so far have doubled our app conversion rate.

  • Ray, USA

    I bought 2 templates! These are really good!

  • Deniz, Russia

    Did not know this was on the market, great idea. Just made a purchase.

  • Valerie, USA

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I will definitely be recommending your templates next time i am asked for design help.